8:1 Serial Port Expander

Article number: Part # COM-102
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• Expand a single UART (RX/TX) serial port into

• 8 additional serial ports
• On-board LEDs indicate which channel has been opened
• Supports baud rates greater then 1M Baud
• Easily connect two Serial Port Expanders together to get
16 additional serial ports

• Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5V
• Power consumption: 0.8mA at 3.3v
3mA at 5v

The Atlas Scientific™ 8:1 Serial Port Expander has been designed to help the embedded systems engineer easily add an expanded number of UART serial ports to a microcontroller that does not have enough ports for its intended application. The microcontrollers UART is connected to the port expander and the serial signal is then routed to one of the new ports. Controlling what port the signal is routed to is done through a simple 3 pin binary switch.

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