A-10 Analog Pressure sensor

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Internally the pressure sensor uses a piezoresistive semiconducting element. The semiconducting element (a silicon wafer) changes its resistance in proportion to pressure. As the pressure increases the atomic spacing of the silicon atoms decreases, this in turn lowers the resistance of the silicon wafer.

Reads                    Pressure (PSIG)

Range                    10 PSIG (68.947 kPa)
Resolution             1mv (.0025 PSI /0.017 kPa)
Accuracy                <± 0.1 PSI (0.689 kPa)
Connector              Tinned leads 
Response Time      < 1ms
Data protocol         Analog voltage
Data format           0.5 VDC – 4.5 VDC
Operating voltage 5 VDC
Durability              IP6
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