Electrically Isolated EZO™ Carrier Board

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The Electrically isolated EZO™ carrier board is an easy way to connect an Atlas Scientific EZO™ circuit to your CPU, eliminating the need for a bread board and an external isolator.
The Electrically isolated EZO™ carrier board comes without any connector.

Data input                   UART or I2C
Voltage input              3.0V − 5.0V
Probe connector         Female SMA
Current consumption 5V - 15 mA / 3.3V - 20 mA
Power saving mode (OFF pin) 3.8mA

Carrier Board dimensions
56.2mm x 32mm (2.2" x 1.2")
Weight: 25 grams

the Electrically Isolated EZO™ Carrier Board  does not come with any EZO™ class devices.


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