EZO™ pH Circuit

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Connect your pH probe to this circuit to create a workable signal for your microprocessor using UART or I2C protocol.
Works with any brand and type of pH sensor.

A pH (potential of Hydrogen) probe measures the hydrogen ion activity in a liquid. At the tip of a pH probe is a glass membrane. This glass membrane permits hydrogen ions from the liquid being measured to defuse into the outer layer of the glass, while larger ions remain in the solution. The difference in the concentration of hydrogen ions (outside the probe vs. inside the probe) creates a VERY small current. This current is proportional to the concentration of hydrogen ions in the liquid being measured.

Reads pH
Range .001 − 14.000
Resolution .001
Accuracy +/– 0.002
Response time 1 reading per sec
Supported probes Any type & brand
Calibration 1, 2, 3 point
Temp. compensation Yes
Data protocol UART & I2C
Default I2C address 99 (0x63)
Operating voltage 3.3V − 5V
Data format ASCII

Circuit dimensions
13.97mm x 20.16mm (0.55" x 0.79")
Weight: 1.76 grams

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Wiring Diagram

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