EZO-RGB™ Embedded Color Sensor

Article number: Part # EZO-RGB
Availability: On backorder

The sensor detects colored light in the red, green and blue spectrum. It is least sensitive to blue light and most sensitive to red light.
The spectrum output by the six onboard target LEDs is strongest in the blue spectrum and weakest in the red spectrum. This is the opposite of the color sensors sensitivity giving it the best possible color sensing performance.

Reads RGB (24-bit)
  CIE (xyY)
  LUX (0 – 65535)
  Proximity (2 – 36cm)
Features programmable color matching
  proximity triggering onboard LEDs
Response time 400ms
Sensing area 15° half angle
Cable length 1 meter
Water proof/dust proof IP65
Data protocol UART & I2C
Data format ASCII
Operating voltage  3.3V − 5V


The EZO-RGB™ comes with:
One embedded color sensor, and one data cable with 5 pin male header.

datasheet RGB

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