EZO™ Universal Flow Meter Totalizer

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Connect your flow sensor to this circuit to create a workable signal for your microprocessor using UART or I2C protocol.

• Reads flow rate per second, minute, hour and total flow.
• Works with any off the shelf pulsed DC flow meter regardless
   of manufacture
• Works with any DC pulse per volume flow meter
• Works with any DC pulse frequency to volume flow meter
• Programmable with up to 16 integer or floating point K factors
• On the fly linear interpretation between K factors
  for maximum accuracy
• Visual display indicating real time turbine rotation
• 1K, 10k or 100k on board pull-up or pull-down resistors
  (for flow meters that require external pull-up or pull-down)
• Comes pre programed with 4 different Atlas Scientific
   flow meters
• Data format is ASCII

Data protocol
• UART asynchronous serial connectivity
• I2C
• Operating voltage: 3.3V to 5

Sleep mode power consumption
• 2.1mA at 3.3V

Circuit Specs
• Dimensions: 14.02mm x 20.33mm (0.55" x 0.80")
• Weight: 1.76 grams

datasheet circuit
datasheet wiring diagram

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