Gravity™ Analog pH Kit

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pH-probe silver / silver chloride with Double junction. consumer grade in a polyetherimide housing. Robust and resistant to high temperatures.

A pH (potential of Hydrogen) probe measures the hydrogen ion activity in a liquid. At the tip of a pH probe is a glass membrane. This glass membrane permits hydrogen ions from the liquid being measured to defuse into the outer layer of the glass, while larger ions remain in the solution. The difference in the concentration of hydrogen ions (outside the probe vs. inside the probe) creates a VERY small current. This current is proportional to the concentration of hydrogen ions in the liquid being measured.


• 1 Gravity™ Analog pH Sensor / Meter

• 1 consumer grade silver / silver chloride pH Probe.
• 3 calibration solutions (pH 4, pH 7 and pH 10)


Datasheet pH probe
datasheet Gravity™ Analog pH Sensor / Meter
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