Industrial Conductivity Probe K 1.0

Article number: Part # ENV-50-EC-1.0
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The Atlas Scientific industrial conductive probe is designed for inline conductivity measurements. From industrial chemical processing to swimming pool monitoring, this probe can be used for just about anything. The 3/4″ female NPT threading and integrated PT-1000 temperature probe makes for simple installation and operation.

Because conductivity probes don’t have any electrolyte that gets depleted, they only need to be calibrated during installation.

An E.C. (electrical conductivity) probe measures the electrical conductivity in a solution. It is commonly used in hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts or impurities in the water.

Inside the conductivity probe, two electrodes are positioned opposite from each other, an AC voltage is applied to the electrodes causing cations to move to the negatively charged electrode, while the anions move to the positively electrode. The more free electrolyte the liquid contains, the higher the electrical conductivity

Reads Conductivity
Range 5 − 200,000μS/cm
Accuracy +/ – 2%
Response time 90% in 1s
Max pressure 200 PSI
Max depth 60m (197 ft)
Temperature range °C 0 − 110 °C
Cable length 3 meters
Pipe fitting 3/4" threaded NPT
Internal temperature sensor Yes (PT-1000)
Time before recalibration ~10 years
Life expectancy ~10 years
Maintenance N/A

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