Industrial Conductivity probe Kit K 1.0

Article number: Part #KIT-106E
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Available as a product bundle at the bottom of the individual product.

• 1 IXIAN™ Conductivity Transmitter

• 1 Industrial Conductivity Probe K 1.0
• 3/4" NPT pipe thread on input and output side
• 2 125ml (4oz) calibration solutions
  K 1.0 - This set includes 1 (1,413µS) and 1 (12,880µS)
   Probe Max Pressure: 1380 kPa (200 Psi)
   Probe Cable length: 10Ft
   Probe Weight: 504 grams

datasheet transmitter
datasheet EC probe

The Atlas Scientific™ Industrial Conductivity K 1.0 Probe, comes with a 3/4" NPT threaded pipe fitting. This pipe fitting is integral to the probes design and must be attached in oder to get accurate readings. The pipe fitting is made out of thick plastic, to prevent leakage; and capable of safely withstanding pressures up to 1,379 kPa (200 PSI). Because of this, inserting the probe into the pipe fitting can be a bit tricky. Apply a small amount of vaseline, or food grade grease along the outter edge of the probes O-ring.

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