Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Kit

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This is the Atlas Scientific industrial Dissolved Oxygen kit. It comes with everything you need to take high accuracy, interference-free readings with a PLC. The industrial strength Dissolved Oxygen probe is ready for the job, whatever it may be. The DIN rail mount and wide operating voltage makes it easy to install. The 4-20mA data output and display makes it easy to read. And the simple calibration protocol gets you up and running in no time.

Reads Dissolved Oxygen
Range 0.00 mg/L to 32.00 mg/L
Accuracy +/– 0.2 mg/L
Calibration 1 or 2 point
Supported probes Any type / brand of galvanic D.O. probe
Auto temp compensation Yes
Sea water compensation Yes
Mount 35mm Din rail
Output 4 − 20mA
Operating voltage 9VDC − 36VDC
Electrically isolated Yes

Reads Dissolved Oxygen
Range 0 − 100 mg/L
Accuracy +/– 0.05 mg/L
Response time ~0.1 mg/L/per sec
Temperature range °C 1 − 99 °C
Max pressure 100 PSI
Max depth 60m (197 ft)
Connector Tinned leads
Cable length 3 Meters (10′)
Internal temperature sensor Yes (PT-1000)
Time before recalibration ~1 Year
Life expectancy 5 Years +
Maintenance ~18 Months

datasheet Transmitter
datasheet probe

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