Industrial Monitoring Kit

Article number: Part # WF8-SPK-1-Serial
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Monitor up to eight (8) different sensors at one time.

• Works with all EZO™ circuits. (pH, ORP, DO, EC, RTD & Flow)
• On-board programming and calibration routines for EZO circuits.
• Temperature Compensation for pH, DO & EC
• Real-time displayed values.
• 4-20 mA output for PLC process control for each channel.
• Easily integrate into your monitoring controller.
• 24 - 32 VDC power supply required.
• Includes an 8:1 Serial Port Expander and an Electrically Isolated   USB EZO™ Carrier Board.

• WaterFeature8 does not come with any EZO™ circuits.

The WaterFeature8™ is a multifunctional process monitoring and control solution designed for and by process engineers seeking a solution to the problem of expensive data collection equipment. They can be used for basic water quality monitoring or integrated into a fully automated process control system.

Each WaterFeature8™ can be deployed with any combination of up to 8 Atlas Scientific, EZO™ water quality monitoring circuits, and therefore also works with any sensors that are compatible with EZO™ circuits.

The WaterFeature8™ displays real-time measured values are on a 4x40 character industrial LCD display. All values are displayed on the Home screen for quick review of all process parameters.

Each monitored sensor value is output as an analog 4-20 mA signal compatible with most major PLC input cards


The Industrial Monitoring Kit is a multi-parameter process monitor, capable of reading from eight probes at once. Real-time values are easily visible through the 4×40 character LCD display, with a simple and intuitive menu screen for calibration and temperature compensation. Real-time values can also be transmitted via 4-20mA signals or Serial data protocol. The modular design allows for the operator to quickly add in any combination of probes. This system can be used for basic water quality monitoring or integrated into a fully automated process control system.

The Industrial Monitoring Kit can be configured for Serial data output or analog 4-20mA output.

Data output:
“Serial” = RS232 data communication
“4-20mA” = Analog output (hardware upgrade +$200)

“None” = Device does not come with probes or circuits
“Fully loaded” = Device comes pre-installed with pH, D.O, E.C, and ORP, industrial probes and calibration solutions

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