IXIAN™ ORP Transmitter

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Ixian™ ORP Transmitter is specially designed for industrial applications.
Ideal for integrating into a PLC application (4-20mA output).
single point calibration with push buttons.

ORP stands for oxidation/reduction potential. Oxidation is the loss of electrons and reduction is the gain of electrons. The output of the probe is represented in millivolts and can be positive or negative.

Just like a pH probe measures hydrogen ion activity in a liquid; an ORP probe measures electron activity in a liquid. The ORP readings represents how strongly electrons are transferred to or from substances in a liquid. Keeping in mind that the readings do not indicate the amount of electrons available for transfer.

Reads ORP
Range -1900.0mV − 1900.0mV
Accuracy +/– 1mV
Calibration Single point
  (remotely though PLC
  or directly on board)
Supported probes Any type & brand
Auto Temp compensation N/A
Mount 35mm Din rail
Output 4 − 20mA
Operating voltage 14VDC − 36VDC
Electrically Isolated Yes

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