Micro ORP kit

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Very small pH senor Half cell silver / silver chloride. 

Back in the day, ORP probes would come with a separate reference probe, which is crucial for accurate readings. Modern day ORP probes have the reference built in, creating an all in one package. In order for Atlas Scientific to get the size of our Micro ORP probe down to 6.2mm, we had to separate the reference into its own micro probe.

• 1 EZO™ ORP Circuit
• 1 Micro ORP probe
• 1 Micro Reference probe
• 3 125ml (4oz) calibration solutions (225)
• 1 125ml (4oz) ORP storage solution
• 1 Half-Cell Isolated EZO™ Carrier Board

Carrier Board dimensions
48.8mm x 23mm (1.9" x 0.9")
Weight: 9 grams

datasheet ORP probe
datasheet PCB

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