PT-1000 Temperature Kit

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PT-1000 Temperature Probe silicone tube with BNC connector.

The PT-1000 temperature probe is a resistance type thermometer. Where PT stands for platinum and 1000 is the measured resistance of the probe at 0˚C in ohms (1k at 0˚C). As the temperature changes the resistance of the platinum changes.

The most important part of calibration is watching the readings during the calibration process. It's easiest to calibrate the device in its default state (UART mode, continuous readings). Switching the device to I2 C mode after calibration will not affect the stored calibration. If the device must be calibrated in I2 C mode be sure to request readings continuously so you can see the output from the probe.

Calibration can be done at any value, a simple method is to calibrate the probe in boiling water.

• 1 EZO™ RTD Temperature Circuit

• 1 Temperature Thermowell (choice of 100mm, 50mm or 30mm)
• 1 PT-1000 Temperature Probe with BNC connection
• Full temperature sensing range -200˚C to 850˚C
     Cable Max Temp 125°C, Min Temp -55°C
     (for temperatures beyond this range use Thermowell)
     Cable length: 81cm (32")
• 1 Pre-Assembled Female BNC connector

datasheet circuit
datasheet wiring diagram

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