PT-1000 Temperatuur sensor large

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PT-1000 Temperature Probe silicone tube 200cm with SMA screw terminal.

The PT-1000 temperature probe is a resistance type thermometer. Where PT stands for platinum and 1000 is the measured resistance of the probe at 0˚C in ohms (1k at 0˚C). As the temperature changes the resistance of the platinum changes.

Reads Temperature
Range -200 ̊C to 180 ̊C
Probe type Class A platinum, RTD
Accuracy +/- (0.15 + (0.002*t))
Reaction Time 90% in 13s
Cable length 200cm
Output Analog
Time before recalibration 3 - 5 years
Life expectancy 15 years
Maintenance N/A

Comes with connect board

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