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Monitor and calibrate all your values in real time in this easily expanded system.

• Fully assembled touchscreen pH meter.
• Plug and play & installed with the latest version.
• No assembly installation required.
• Includes external psu.
• Easy to update firmware.
• Cloud connection MQTT
• Ip-65 enclosure

The Atlas iot ™ software works with the following EZO devices:

  • EZO-pH
  • EZO-DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
  • EZO-EC (Conductivity)
  • EZO-RTD (Temperature)
  • EZO-CO2 sensor
  • EZO-O2 sensor
  • EZO-RGB Color Sensor
  • EZO-PMP (Peristaltic Pump)
  • EZO-PRS (Pressure Sensor)
  • EZO-HUM sensor (Humidity Sensor)
  • EZO-PMP-L (Large Peristaltic Pump)

IoT pH meter comes with:
1x Raspberry Pi 4
1x 16 Gb SD card
1x 7 "touchscreen
1x 220v/5v 4.0A external psu (1,75m)
1x EZO PCB for 
1x IP-65 enclosure
1x EZO PCB 4 ezo circuits
1x EZO-pH ™ circuit
1x EZO-RTD ™ circuit
1x temperature probe (PT-1000)

Atlas iot™ Software
datasheet Cloud Setting guide

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