Tentacle Mini for Arduino

Article number: Part # TEN-SHM
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A stackable arduino shield to host and individually isolate up to 2 EZO circuits from Atlas Scientific to measure PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electric Conductivity (E.C.), Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and temperature (RTD).

A fast and easy way to read multiple sensors from an Arduino. The Tentacle Shield eliminates the need for wiring, multiplexing and electrical isolation. Because it’s an Arduino Shield, it simply plugs into most Arduino compatible boards. No wiring, no bread boards.

Built in electrical isolation means that sensors won’t interfere with each other and most outside electrical noise that can interfere with readings is reduced.

  •  3.3V and 5V compatible
  • stack up to 3 shields to get 6 isolated sensor channels
  • I2C ONLY
  • The sensor circuits are not included.

  • The Tentacle Mini is COMPATIBLE with all Arduinos with the R3 pin layout. The Mini is 3.3V and 5V compatible.
  • The Tentacle Mini is compatible with all EZOTM type circuits from Atlas Scientific that support I2C mode. The Mini will not work with older sensor circuits that support UART only. If you still want to use UART circuits, use the 4-channel Tentacle Shield.

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