Tentacle Shield for Arduino

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Tentacle is an Arduino shield to host up to 4 sensor circuits from Atlas Scientific to measure PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electric Conductivity (E.C.) and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and temperature (RTD). The sensor circuits are not included. Works with current and all previous versions of these Atlas Scientific sensor circuits: PH, EC, DO, ORP, RTD


The Tentacle shield is COMPATIBLE with all 5V-tolerant Arduinos (Uno, Mega, Yun, & many more). The Tentacle shield is not compatible with Arduinos that can’t tolerate 5V on their I/O pins (Zero, Due, etc). If you need 3.3V compatibility, the Tentacle Mini is for you.

  • stack 2 shields to get 8 isolated sensor channels
  • I2C and UART compatible


Individually isolated measurement circuits and communication lines prevent noise and ground loops for precise measurements even in closed-loop systems. Read our blog post Atlas circuit isolation, noise & crosstalk tests for more details on the isolation of sensor circuits.

On-board Serial Multiplexer

With the on-board serial multiplexer you can use up to 4 circuits in UART mode per shield – using just 4 pins of your Arduino!

Stack two tentacles to get 8 serial channels.

Arduino-style simplicity

Extra long pin headers to stack multiple tentacle (or other) shields on your Arduino hassle-free. On-Board reset-button to reset your Arduino without removing shields. Includes a mounting kit with plastic standoffs.

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